The SynchroMate ROTAX kit includes the SynchroMate plus the ROTAX adapters necessary to attach the instrument to the carburetors on the ROTAX aircraft engine.

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Carburetor / Fuel injection throttle body Synchronizer, with RPM, for ROTAX

SynchroMate displays the difference in vacuum intake settings of two separate carburetors on the same engine very precisely on a single transverse “East-West” 30 fixed resolution LED display. A flashing LED at the dead-centre “Pa” mark indicates that the compared manifold vacuums are equal to within 0.5 cmHg (centimeters of mercury).

Key features:

  • Fixed resolution accuracy of 0.5cmHg.
    A built in tachometer displays engine speed in RPM (from pressure pulses, no additional pick-up required).
    Industrial / medical grade MOTOROLA pressure transducer.
  • CYLINDERS :  2 (4 possible with 2 – 4 cylinder adapter)
  • METHOD : Compare and display on a single display the difference in pressure between two carburetor / fuel injection manifolds.
  • DISPLAY / RESOLUTION : 1 display of 30 x hi-bright LEDs, 0.5cmHg resolution.
  • SELECT :
    • SYNC
    • RPM (500-2000rpm)
    • Absolute vacuum (0-60cmHg), accurately determine manifold vacuum.
  • POWER : 12V DC (11 – 15Vdc), power can be drawn from vehicle battery.
  • STYLE / INCLUDED : ABS instrument case with durable polycarbonate labels, fuel & oil resistant rubber hoses and protective rubber holster, DC supply socket with a 6 1/2ft / 200cm power lead ending in battery clips, instructions for use (on instrument and included), 2 x M5 and 2 x M6 manifold adapters, T – vacuum splitter for fuel switch, nylon carry case, ROTAX adapters.
  • OPTIONS : Power cable extender and adapter options.

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