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Smart Chargers - Noco Genius & Optimate Chargers, Jump Starters & Accessories


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  • OptiMate 7 12V-24V – 12V-10Amp / 24V-5Amp Battery Saving charger-tester-maintainer

    The world’s most advanced 12V 10 Amp & 24V 5 Amp battery charger!

    OptiMate 7 12V-24V is perfect for high performance 12V and 24V starter and deep cycle batteries that demand accurate temperature controlled charging and unsupervised safe long term maintenance.

    Designed for sensitive electronics:
     The SAVE program has been designed for SAFE fully automatic low volt start (from 0.5 Volts) and PULSE recovery of deep discharged batteries connected to very sensitive electronics e.g. light aircraft, industrial equipment.

    Protection against incorrect voltage selection : With 24V selected and a 12V battery is connected OptiMate 7 12V-24V will immediately warn that a low voltage is sensed and then not proceed to charging. USER must confirm the nominal voltage of the connected battery is 24V before SAVE mode activates.

  • OptiMate 7 Select – 10Amp battery charger for 12V starter and Deep Cycle Batteries

    The world’s most advanced 10 Amp battery charger for starter & deep cycle batteries!

    OptiMate 7 Select is perfect for starter and deep cycle 12V batteries that demand accurate temperature controlled charging and unsupervised safe long term maintenance. Voltage selection (14.4V / 14.7V) ensure the battery receives charge at the correct voltage.

    Special feature: POWER SUPPLY mode delivers stable power for vehicle system reprogramming, show room vehicle demo or retaining memorised settings when battery cables are disconnected to fit powered accessories or replace the battery.

  • OptiMate DC to DC – 12V Battery / DC supply to 12V Battery Charger

    OptiMate DC to DC draws power from your vehicle’s or an external 12V battery to save, charge and maintain another 12V battery.
    OptiMate DC to DC’s highly efficient long term maintenance mode protects the source battery, drawing only when the battery under charge needs it. The OptiMate maintenance mode keeps the battery at full charge, never overcharging, prolonging the life and improving performance of the battery.
    OptiMate DC to DC can save a deep discharged, sulfated battery from as low as 1 Volt.

  • OptiMATE Lithium 4s – 12.8/13.2V 0.8A Battery saving charger-tester-maintainer

    The OptiMate Lithium 0.8A 4S charges LiFePO4 / LFP (Lithium Iron Phosphate) 4-series batteries with nominal voltage of 12.8V–13.2V.

  • OptiMATE Lithium 4s 5A – 12.8V/13.2V 5A battery saving charger-tester-maintainer

    High efficiency diagnostic charger and tester for LiFePO4 / LFP batteries. Perfect for charging and seasonal maintenance of a 12.8V-13.2V LiFePO4 / LFP battery sized from 2 to 100 Amp-hour

  • OptiMATE TEST – Cranking & Alternator

    Easy to use! Connect clips to the battery or connect to an installed SAE battery lead, then:

    1.   Check battery charge level. A low battery cranks (starts engine) poorly.
    2.   Start engine. OptiMate TEST records and indicates (for 20 sec) the lowest start volts.
    3.   With engine running, verify charging voltage from alternator and voltage regulator.

    TIP: Low charge voltage causes poor battery performance. Too high charge voltage causes excessive gassing and will eventually damage a lead-acid battery. Too high charge voltage is FATAL for a LiFePO4 starter battery!

  • OptiMATE TEST – State of charge

    Easy to use!

    Connect clips to the battery and read the result. The OptiMate battery tester’s microprocessor draws very low power from the battery itself to determine and display battery status.
    Tests all 12V Lead-acid and 12.8V / 13.2V LiFePO4 (LFP) Lithium batteries and displays result that can be used to convey information to customer.

  • SynchroMate ROTAX kit

    The SynchroMate ROTAX kit includes the SynchroMate plus the ROTAX adapters necessary to attach the instrument to the carburetors on the ROTAX aircraft engine.

  • VacuumMate Allweather – MARINE

    VacuumMate Allweather is the industry standard for fast & accurate synchronizing of up to  4 x carburetor / fuel injection throttle valves on 2 and 4-stroke engines.

  • VacuumMate Allweather – Workshop

    VacuumMate Allweather is the industry standard for fast & accurate synchronizing of up to  4 x carburetor / fuel injection throttle valves on 2 and 4-stroke engines.